Still Waiting for Godot

Sorry about the lack of entry last week, it has been a busy (well sort of) week in the world of your favourite sentimental Sandman. The great white leader in his (perceived) wisdom has taken on a new pub, a former Marston’s pub in Codsall Wood called the Crown and its recent history is akin to that of the Horseshoes under Ian Yates and Sentry Pubs reign of terror. It needs a bit of a lick of paint here and there, but it could have potential.
Umm what else has happened? Not a huge amount to be honest. Life at the Mytton is its usual self, although Major Tom does seemed to have developed a rather worrying habit of making my bits and pieces the topic of conversation with various members of staff and his 19 year old daughter. It is rather disconcerting I tell you…


I went to see Hail Caeser! last Monday, which is the latest offering from the Coen brothers and features an impressive cast, but ultimately failed to deliver and live up to the Coen’s usual standard. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, it was merely pedestrian. Some of the jokes fall flat because they aren’t set up correctly and the film isn’t as clever as it thinks it is, but there is plenty to marvel at as well. George Clooney spends most of the movie in an amusingly daft kidnap/ransom storyline which leaves him perplexed most of the time and it doesn’t really carry a threat; the scenario is purely there for his kidnappers intellectual amusement and there is a amusing subplot involving Channing Tatum playing a Roy Rogers style cowboy actor placed into a high brow melodrama and showing that his character is a dreadful actor. Unfortunately the punchline is so poorly set up, when it comes it is too far from the original joke it falls flat and it is preceded by some unfunny slapstick involving a scarf stuck in a projector. I think the problem with film is it lacks a coherent structure and feels like a series of short stories being linked together by a single character walking into the start of each story.

Like I say, it has been a little thin on points of interest of late so it is a rather short entry.


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