Them There Eyes

Are you currently in love? At what moment was it that you knew you were in love?

Good Lord! How long has it been since there was a writer’s block question?
Am I in love? Nope, because being in love is a two way street and there needs to be another, unless of cause you are some form of narcissist. Are there people I have romantic attraction towards? Yes I do, but since the girl I really like just wants to be friends I think I shall not peruse the matter. Amy and Andrea show testiment to saying this is the best cause of action. There have been other girls to have caught my eye, one whom caught my eye because of her amazing eyes and we did chat and flirt on and off for a while, but age gap and distance proved to be part of a barrier. Also I think I was something of her rebound go to guy, but she was cute and one hell of a tease.
Then there is the lovely Louisa, but as the song says “but Not for Me”. She is very pretty but not very confident in herself and again though she’s a bit flirty with me, I don’t think anything will happen.

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