Don’t You Open That Trap Door (retro)

As part of Throwback Thursday here is a Livejournal entry from 10th February 2010.  I don’t remember who Kate was and that was a surreal experience at the Harp.

Don’t You Open That Trap Door……

…because there’s something down there.


Oh joy to be a pretend your a child again. Which is what I did on Tuesday as I acquired a DVD of the complete series of The Trap Door. Man that show was awesome and its still awesome, just makes you realise that chldren’s TV is just awful now.


Well work has been shite. Consisting of stupidly busy weekends and really dead weekdays, however I did finally pluck up the (dutch) courage to skillfully find out if Kate was single or not, she’s not. Still nevermind plenty of fish in the sea what?


Well on the plus side every gig at the harp I have attended has been pretty good, the only downside being this Tuesday when I was there I popped to the gentleman’s room and whilest I was washing my hands I spotted somthing on top of the door frame. I believed at frst it was a glass of water and didn’t think much of it until I inspected it closer. the liquid was yellow…… so someone had wizzed in a glass and stuck it on the door frame. Ewww, I wasn’t going mad as I asked Andy the barman to check to see if I was going mad. Nopes it was definately a glass of urine. Perhaps someone needed a sample for a doctor and left it behind.


Ah the joys of snow, naff all customers yesterday and today. Today the snow was much worse and the roads were very bad. Twice the car slipped once getting of the car park and just meaning I hit the verge. No damage there and once Very nearly span onto the opposite side of the road! Luckily there was no oncoming traffic and my evident skill at driving meant I was able to correct the spin before it went out of control. After that it was reasonbly plain sailing just really slow. Normally it takes me about 15 mins to get home, not today. It was nearly an hour and three quarters! Believe me when I got home I needed that pure malt scotch.


Hope Andrea receieved the photos okay and I’ll bid you adieu for the evening.

CURRENT MUSIC Doctor McJazz- Al Fairweather & Sandy Brown


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