Earnshaw Strikes Again

I have caught up on my reading of Death of an Airman, which has more twists and turns then a French loaf and is quite a good mystery. I thought I had stumbled upon a massive plot hole when more is discovered about the titular death which seemingly contradicted why the case was reopened as a murder, now add in an international drug smuggling racket and a blackmail angle and you have a page turning mystery. The author, Christopher St John Sprigg, was a Marxist writer who in addition to seven novels wrote a number of poltical works under the name Christopher Caudwell, was killed a few months before his 30th birthday fighting for the republic in the Spanish Civil war. Interestingly enough, unlike some of the books published in the British Library Crime Classics series, has aged rather well in terms of storytelling and plot aside from a few changes in techology and communication. Once I finish it I will read Slaughterhouse 5, which has been recommended by a Twitter follewer as it is her favourite book and I enjoy her blog, though provoking tweets, humour, teasing selfies of herself and her enormous boobs and love of sci-fi.

Elsewhere life at the Mytton took an interesting twist when once the boys had departed I ended up chatting to a young lady who was clearly bothered by something, so I made a friendly hello and was not greeted with “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have Daddy issues” but a hi and a brief lowdown. This gave me an excuse to bring out a favourite quote “Regret is part of being alive, but keep it a small part”, which she quite like and I advised her not to Google the origin and with that went to have a meeting with Trevor, upon my return I ordered another pint of Tuns and sat down skimming a few blogs. My thoughts were interupted by a female voice declaring “Kerr Avon”. So, in my absence she had looked the quote up and as a consequence I had an hour’s talk with a very attractive girl about BLAKE’S 7! I advised her not to watch it because of well, reasons. I wonder if she did look it up, in the mean time I asked the barman not to pinch me as I didn’t want to wake up lol.

How is the weight loss going? Erm well I will tell you when I weigh myself, though working in apub with 63g bags of Wotsits on sale probably has been detrimental to my progress. I tend to work out to various jazz albums for about 20 minsso far my work out list has been:
Duke Ellington: Piano in the Background
Willie Nelson and Wyton Marsalis
John McLaughlin, Al di Meola and Pace de Lucia: Friday Night in San Francisco
Herbie Hancock: Emphmyrean Isle
Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen: The Kenny Ball Show

I have been working on a few stories and scripts, the quietness of the Crown has aided that somewhat, Pier Pressure has had some significant reworking to improve the story and give a more legitimate reason for Dr, Webster to be involved otherthan idle curiosity.

Anything else? Don’t think so…


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