Not A Very Secret Secret Service (teaser)

As a change of pace I thought I would share a little of something I am working on. Please free to comment and add constructive criticism 

Not A Very Secret Secret Service

Scene 1. EXT. The Bop Shop  Record Store. (Day, it is raining)

It is a fairly basic shop front, with a few records , CDs and musical instruments set in the window as a display. There is a well worn sign hanging above the door bearing the legend THE BOP SHOP and there is a pubsign style painting  on it showing a generic bebop band.

WILSON enters from the far end of the street, dressed in a long coat, cheap brown suit and tie, pink shirt and a well loved battered Panama hat is upon his head. Once he reaches the shop door, he produces his wallet and takes a scrap of paper from within, checks the it against the sign on the door, returns it to his wallet and pushes the door.

Scene 2. INT Shop

The shop is fairly cramped but the proprietor has made good use of the space and everything is perfectly organise sections VINYL, CDS, NEW RELEASES, SECOND HAND etc.. there is a small staircase declaring more stock upstairs. Tucked up in the corner is an Arkwright till and stood behind it is, JANE- a fiery red-head in a glamorous out fit. She is idling a way as she has had few customers. A copy of either Miles Davis- Birth of the Cool or Tubby  Hayes- The Complete Temp Recordings whichever can be cleared, is playing over the shop speakers. JANE starts a little as WILSON enters, clearly lost in a day dream. She approaches him.

JANE: Good afternoon sir,

WILSON: Hello (takes in her appearance), I say you look a bit out of place here.

JANE:(Laughs) You aren’t the first to say that.So how can I help you?

WILSON: Well I might need to talk to your employer, my nephew wants me to get him a few jazz albums for his birthday and I’m afraid I know very little about Jazz.

JANE:I may mainly be here for a bit of glamour, but I  do know something about Jazz. Well enough to aid a beginner any road…

WILSON: Well he says he wants something up tempo but not too fast and not trad. Though I have no idea what he means by trad.

JANE: He means Barber, Ball and Bilk and their ilk. Just bear with me, (she goes to one of the shelves and hovers over a few albums before picking them up, they are Moanin’ by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan and The Jazz Couriers by Ronnie Scott and Tubby Hayes ), these are good starting points. Does he have a huge collection?

WILSON: Just a few compilations, I have a feeling it is a fad to impress a girl.

JANE: And he chose Jazz? I take it she is a player..

WILSON : No idea. Can I listen to  a few tracks?

JANE: Certainly. If you would like to follow me upstairs.

They head upstairs, as they do so the shop door opens and a balding man donning pince-nez enters and makes for the TRAD section. He flicks through a few albums and we hear in the distance one of WILSON’S records begin to play. JANE descends the stairs and clocks the man. They make eye contact and he smiles and approaches her.

JANE: Hello again sir.

THE MAN: Hello, i’ll just take these. (Shows her the albums) and I believe there is a special delivery for me. The name is Perking.

JANE: Oh yes. (She disappears under the counter and produces a small box). Here we go.  (She rings in the cost of  the bill, takes the money and hands over the parcel).

PERKINS: Thank you.

PERKINS departs the shop. WILSON descends and Crosses to JANE.

WILSON: Yes these will do admirably.

JANE: Yes I  know, they are good records.

We  hear a screech of tyres and the sound of a car crash. JANE and WILSON rush out of the shop.

Scene 3. EXT. Shop.

As WILSON and JANE emerge we see a car jack knifed into a wall and PERKINS is flat on the floor in a pool of blook,  his parcel half ripped opened. WILSON rushes over and checks the man’s pulse, shakes his head and closes the dead man’s eyes, then checks the driver who is alive but unconscious. JANE is on her phone calling the emergency services. WILSON picks up the blood stained package and opens it. He is a gasp, inside are a bundle of documents declaring TOP SECRET: NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM PORTON DOWN. He looks at JANE and back at PERKINS.

TITLE CAPTION : Not A Very Secret  Secret Service

CAPTION Written by  Michael Storm








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