I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing

Bar Tariff It is the bane of the publican's life, putting a reasonable price on beer and soft drinks. As a worker in an independent company we cannot compete with the big breweries and as we don't have the buying power to buy in bulk and have a bargain basement price like at Wetherspoons. So … Continue reading I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing


Old Ned

You Dirty Old Man That was the catchphrase of Harold Steptoe when describing his father Albert in the classic BBC sitcom Steptoe & Son which was about the strained relationship of the two rag and bone men. Famously the two stars did not get along although I get the impression the feud has been overplayed by the … Continue reading Old Ned

Soul Portal

Window       The prompt makes me immediately think of the classic Hitchcock movie Rear Window, you know it's the one where James Stewart is laid up in his flat with a broken leg and unwittingly stumbles on one of his neighbours  (played by future Ironside and Perry Mason star Raymond Burr) murdering his wife. … Continue reading Soul Portal


The Last Drop Thanks prompt, you have given me the name for the Pub in Last Call. Last Call a sort of chamber piece for my Bloodhounds series in which an agent is murder at the aforementioned pub after discovering hints about something big. In order to find out what is and who did, Arthur … Continue reading Drop

Cheeky Lass

Misstep I think my biggest misstep was an unfortunate incident with a young lady called Amelia when inadvertent I shared a candid picture she sent me on a popular social media forum. She was understandably rather irate about this and gave me a right rollicking.