The Return of the Discontinued Man


As the title indicates I have return to the Kynnersley Arms after my brief appointment at the Crown and as such has proved that the rumours of my departure have been greatly exaggerated to misquote Kerr Avon and Mark Twain. So how was my return to the Kyn? Well it was nice to be back and have something to do!

I was not the only one who made a return to the Kyn, on Thursday we were blessed by a brief return by Little Hannah so we had the A team back, oh and Zizzy. Zizzy is a new member of staff whom has the (mis?)fortune of knowing me from school and it is nice to have a mature member of staff on board again as we do have a large number of fresh faced wet-behind-the-ears school and college leavers joining the ranks, namely “Checkpoint” Charlie and Emily. Emily is still rather shy and timid but I think she is rather sweet and I do notice that she is continuing the tradition of Kyn staff set up by Beth and Olivia in having a really cute bum (not quite Ameila cute but cute). Checkpoint is a young lad whom used to drink at the pub and while he seems more hands on, he needs to supervised a bit, hence “Check point”. Now I was going to name this entry “Return of the Discontinued Waitress” in reference to Hannah and when I told her this she thought I said “nude waitress”… ok. That is an image I really don’t want in my head so sorry Hannah, your title reference is forfeited.

So somehow I managed to wangle Easter Monday off and I made the foolish decision to go to the Mytton around 4pm, just before Eyton races were about to finish. Big mistake! I ended up getting crushed against the bar by a bunch of stuck toffee-nosed, tweed wearing knobs who have the manners of a pig, no that is an insult to our porcine friends something lower, oh yes the manners of Donald Trump. It is telling that the next day Steve told me he kicked them out at 9:30 and they ended up sanitizing part of the restaurant, not a day I particularly wish to remember in a hurry I can tell you.

Tuesday I had a family meal with my Dad, Mam and Nan at the Huntsman at Little Wenlock, the pub at which Little Hannah now works, and it was quite good. I had the Grilled Hallumi and Char-grilled veg to start with followed by the Huntsman Burger which I decided to go for instead of the Veg Echeladas. While nice I thought my burger a little on the dry side and not a patch on Ross’s Kynn Burger. For dessert I have the chocolate brownie with honeycome ice cream and I washed it down with a few Lancaster Bombers.

I have made a few interesting Amazon purchases but I shall do a separate entry for them.


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