The Reds are living amongst us

….and by the red, I off course mean the presence and grip of the Red label tabloid press.

You know, the gutterpress sensationalist output of the Murdoch empire. The Sun, News of the World, the Daily Mirror etc, peddling tripe or and fear and hate everywhere they are sold. Kudos to the city of Liverpool for standing up to the Sun newspaper and refusing to have it stocked in the city after the slanderous accusations made by the paper in lieu of the Hillsborough disaster.

The Sun in particular is a particular piece of hypocritical trash, this is the paper which loves to trash the private lives of people. Just because someone is in the public eye it does not mean we own their souls, everyone has a right to a private life and this is a paper which hounds people over occurrences but screams blue murder at the idea of public databases and the notion of having to present ID

The Sun of course will be always remembered for the introduction of the page 3 girl. The page 3 girl, for those of my readers who are unaware of the page 3 girl due to not being of British origin or unfamiliar with all of the idiosyncrasies of this green and pleasant land, is a feature of the Sun newspaper (and later other papers) which started in the late 60s (I believe) and features a full page photo of a topless woman. It is a long outdated feature and needs to be discontinued and despite a change of wind last year, it proved just to be a publicity stunt. Some may well argue that Page 3 has launched some girls careers elsewhere and for a minority that may be true, but mostly it serves as a throw back to a very 1970s attempt at titillation  (if you pardon the pun), but this is not where the story ends. The Sun lead a very dedicated smear campaign against the late great TV playwright Dennis Potter accusing him of exploitation with his play Blackeyes coming under particular fire which ironically was about the voyeuristic tendancies of the male gaze and it’s effect on women. It doesn’t pull the latter off very well but it does at least highlight the male gaze issue, I put its failure down to Dennis Potter having too much involvement in the piece; he was writer, producer and director as well as being the voice of Blackeyes’ inner monologue. An ironic stand for The Sun to take…

Another example of red label paper hypocrisy was at the height of a media frenzy on child exploitation, one paper (I cannot recall which) ran a page 3 countdown where a girl undressed and upon the day she became legal age she would be photographedelighted topless. The mind boggles….


Oh and as for the Daily Fail, sorry Mail,  a friend of mine likened reading The Daily Mail to spending a day in Bedlam.


4 thoughts on “The Reds are living amongst us

  1. I noticed newspapers have changed in England. Even the Daily Mail is not longer what it used to be. What happened to the Evening Star and the Daily Herald? Ok, you are a youngster, but they were my first connections to litereature. I wonder if the News of the World still existts. Mum and dad would always have it, but did not like me reading it, although I really found some strange stuff in it at the age of 10.


    • The News of the World was discontinued after the phone hacking scandal in relation to murdered school girl Milly Downer. I think the Evening Star and the Herald have long been discontinued and obsorbed into the multinational morass.

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      • My cousin worked on one of the dailys as a type setter on the Daily Mirror, but lost his job when it all went into computer type. He was one of the lucky ones, got a job as a warden in the British Museum for a few years, but is now retired for many years.

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