Sleep No More

“Sleep, per chance to dream”

Now in all honesty I haven’t had a bed time since I was in short trousers but I am trying to establish a bedtime ritual in an attempt to develop and sustain a better sleepin pattend. Now I have been trying to have early nights on none work or early finish days but the problem I find is with an early night I tend to wake up at silly o’clock in the morning and cannot return to the land of nod. The problem with waking at these times is you end up having the ‘night thoughts’, as ol’blue eyes put it “you lie awake thinking of the girl and never ever think of counting sheep”. Whether it be Amy, Andrea or even occasional thoughts of Philippa, slumber does seem to not return to me. My recent solution is to plough on with whatever book I am reading at the time. Most of my heavy reading gets done in the wee small hours….

So here is the weeping Tenor of Ben Webster playing “Wee Small Hours”, Oscar Peterson provides piano accompaniment.


Those of you have my writing notes will no doubt spot a connection  with my lead character.

6 thoughts on “Sleep No More

    • Must add. I was playing the video and asked Mr. Swiss is he knew who it was (not telling him) – yes he recognised Ben Webster and then told me that he once appeared at our local concert hall in solothurn. They had to put a carpet down for him, apparently he was slightly, or quite inebriated and was falling all over the place.


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