Left Hand Down A Bit

“That’s enough giggle niggle.”

So spoke CPO Pertwee to Able Seaman “Fatso” Johnson in the long running radio sitcom The Navy Lark (1959-1977), the exact circumstances why the line was uttered I cannot quite recall but it stands a chance Fats Johnson was laughing at one Pertwee’s scams back firing on him.

The Navy Lark is a fine example of a program made in what I call the golden age of radio comedy, back when programs were cheeky rather than crude and they made use of the medium to do things which would be impossible or difficult to achieve at the time on the TV. Navy Lark starred Jon Pertwee, Leslie Philips, Dennis Price who left after  one series and was replaced by Stephen Murray and a small troupe cast including Ronnie Barker, Michael Bates, Tenniel Evans, Richard Caldicot and Heather Chase.  Most of the actors played multiple parts with Bates and Pertwee providing a huge amount of quirky characters.  It  is still mostly funny though some of the topical and culture references fall a bit flat these days.

I could tell you a few stories of inappropriate fits of giggles I got while at school but that can wait for another day.


The Navy Lark is slowly being released series by series on BBC Physical Audio but if you just want to dip your toes various small sets containing  four episodes a piece are available. Please not that some of the complete series sets have episodes in rather poor quality.



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