Man in a Suitcase

No, I am not posting about the classic 60s spy series starring the late Richard Bradford as the down on his luck detective McGill.

Nope I am musing as to the curious fact that for my entire adult life I have had the same travel suitcase, and despite this I still need to tie one of my funky ties to the handle in order to recognise it on the luggage carousel. Which no matter what always comes put last at my destination, getting to the paranoid point where you wonder if the people at home put it on the right plane. Having visited some countries where the airports are more basic in the approach I have had my suitcase searched when leaving the country, Margarita being the obvious example, not that I had anything to hide, however the young girl next to me in the queue did have an unfortunate encounter. She was about 19 if I recall correctly and while she was on holiday with her parents she did her own thing (we staying at the same hotel) and unfortunately for her her parents were just behind her in the queue when the incident occurred. While rummaging through her various items in her bag it would appear she had not zipped her washbag up properly and a certain battery operated item had fallen out of it and was unceremoniously paraded in front of those at that particular customs stand.

On a separate occasion  (at Caracas airport) we did have to spend an abnormally large amount of time telling airport staff that what squeezey Marmite was… clearly they were lucky. The problem being that only Pete liked Marmite and none of us were going to sample it (grimacing while eating it might not aid matters) and it was only the timely arrival of a random bunch of English tourists that the matter was cleared up.

On my various trips to the USA I didn’t really bother unpacking my suitcase as I was on the move most of the time, I think it was only whilst in Michigan I unpacked for a few days.

3 thoughts on “Man in a Suitcase

  1. I have been very fortunate lately and my suitcase is usually one of the first down the shoot… I love it… It is interesting to observe other people in line at security…all sorts of secrets are revealed.


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