…and I feel fine.

The word ‘Disaster’ a very flexible word which often serves to make more out of an unfortunate melodrama then it’s worth.

The Hindenberg Crash and the sinking of the Titanic were disasters; Philippa’s attempts at making Creme Brulee, while not a success could hardly be compared to a true disaster. I must admire her determination to  get it right, even though she ended up being an uncanny precursor to Jenna Louise Coleman’s soufflé girl Clara Oswin Oswald.

In terms of culinary ‘disasters’, the only one I have encountered personally were my first attempts and creating Floater and Liqueur coffees but practice makes perfect and I found my own individual style to do them in.

My biggest social media ‘disaster’ was not really down to me directly but down to a group of friends. They thought it hilarious to change my Facebook profile picture to a candid back stage photo from Murder in the Manor in which I was baring all, it took a while for that one to die down but it finally did, (though my Mytton & Mermaid drinking partner Tom seems to have an unhealthy knack of bringing it up). The lesson learnt was always put a security code on my phone!

Though not a disaster in itself one of the unfortunate side effects of promoting Alex’s bid for Miss Black Country on here, Livejournal and Twitter has resulted in some rather ungentlemanly questions from various people asking if the lovely lady has taken her clothes off for any pictures. I blocked and deleted the offending Tweeters of course, but it does serve to prove that no good deed goes unpunished.

Lastly, yes I am quoting REM in the title.



One thought on “…and I feel fine.

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