Pub Singer

Due to various complications I am unable to access my old YouTube account (I changed my password and can’t remember what it was and to add insult to injury the email account to which it is registered has been discontinued), so I will have to reupload my videos elsewhere. However since the videos still work here a few examples of my friend and Sax Player Mike Yorke live at various gigs at the Harp when he had a regular spot there.
Here he is accompanied by a very young Jae Ryder proving that there are pretty young ladies interested in Jazz.
At Last

Mr PC, a Coltrane number featuring Bob Lloyd on Trombone (not drums as stated)

The Pink Panther with Tony Ruth-Williams

Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?

Please note all the videos were shot on a mobile phone


2 thoughts on “Pub Singer

  1. Looks interesting. By the way Georgie Fame, another one of our favourites, would sing in the Green Gate Pub in Bethnal Green Road at the beginning of his career. Shame I never took the opportunity to see him there, but I remember the poster being on the outside of the pub advertising.. As far as I know the Green Gate no longer exists. They had a few good acts there in its time – 1960’s


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