Sack o’ Woe


Disappointment, like regret, is part of being alive and it is a part we cannot really control, you can ease it by not setting your expectations too high but you still cannot escape it.

Disappointment for me at the moment tends to either revolve around my love life, or rather lack of, and my not very successful attempts to escape the chains of the Kynnersley Arms.

Amelia is probably one of my bigger disappointments on the dating front, perhaps even more so then Katherine, Hayley or even heaven forbid Kasia. I can console myself somewhat in that at least with Katherine I am left with a very good friend which I potentially could have lost had romance blossomed between us.

Workwise I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast, it doesn’t help that most of the jobs I am looking to move into are only part time which would mean doubling up job wise to get in the hours, not a situation I would like to return to if I can avoid it.


Often films disappoint me, sometimes because they fail to live up to their potential or fully explore the idea. Others, often sequels, fail to expand on what went before or end up as rehashes of what went before and sometimes disappointment comes from poor direction or casting choices.

So after a downbeat post, here is some music

Jamie Cullum performing Nat Adderlay’s composition “Sack of Woe”


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