Please return by the date stamped

“I only borrowed the TARDIS, I have every intent of giving her back.”

It may not be word for word quote wise but it sums up the Doctor’s attempted at justifying stealing the TARDIS from the time lords,  even pointing out that it was an obsolete model due for demolition, of course we later learn the TARDIS itself had a say in the matter. So stolen/borrowed TT capsules from long running sci-fi shows, how will this lead into a post? Umm…

It has been a long time since I borrowed something off someone, I haven’t used a library since I was a teenager when I would borrow various books to read at school as I was getting fed up with my own books getting horribly mangaled day in day out from going in and out of my school bag. There was a time I tried to  circumnavigate the problem by putting the book on my desk and only putting it in my bag lunchtime, but this was knocked on the head by my English Teacher, Miss Morris, telling me it was against class policy and she gave me a detention for it. Now I am sure some of my classmates will say I got detention because I told her to shove her policy where the sun doesn’t shine, but I assure you it was because I put my book on the desk.

What I don’t like about borrowing is the duty of care it puts upon you and having lent things out as a  child I realised many people have the attitude “not mine I don’t care”, so I lost my stuffed black cat which when squeezed played “How Much Is That Doggy in the Window” due to my sister and her friend wanted to dress as witches for school fancy dress, two Yogi Bear C64 games to some school lad whose name I can’t recall and a copy of the poetry book Please Mrs Butler to a class. As a consequence I decline offers just in case…


One thought on “Please return by the date stamped

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