Now one may wonder as my sudden inclusion of music tracks to open and close this entry, there is no particular reason other then to liven the page up a bit. If you think you know why I selected these particular tracks please comment below and I will tell you if you are right or wrong.

After my rather unfortunate tumble last week my knee is easing up a bit but it is still stiff and my leg won’t straighten up all the time but that is small fry, the big issue is that my backside is still really sore and sitting down is becoming something of an issue as it vastly uncomfortable and requires a lot of fidgeting, kind of lucky I am not still at school as I would have had detention everyday by now.

I am currently listening to Valentine’s Eve by the exceptionally glamourous Jazz Chanteuse Kitty La Roar and it is a nice laid back album, @kittylaroar is her Twitter handle, UK readers my recognise her from an energy advert where she is singing in a very OTT bubble bath. There are some well known standards such as In A Sentimental Mood, Nearness of You, Only Have Eyes for You and My Funny Valentine alongside other not so well-known numbers.

I have made a reasonable couple of purchases from HMV this week and was served by a delightful young lady called Kim whom I am fairly certain it was her I chatted to just after Christmas at length about when was the best time to go to the cinema to see the more mainstream movies like the Marvel films, Star Wars, Hunger Games etc. She’s an absolutely spiffing young lady and I really had to resist the urge to go all Leslie Philips when talking to her.

It would seem that having looked at the statistics for the month of April, my two top posts on WordPress for the month were one in which I talked about the late great Jazz Pianist Nat King Cole and the one about the lovely Alex and her Miss Black Country campaign, the latter I suppose is unsurprising really. Have I stumbled upon the secret of a really good entry? Combining Nat King Cole and Miss Black Country, if so how would I go about it? Do I get Alex to sing a few Nat King Cole numbers or do a CGI recreation of Nat Cole doing a swimsuit walk… ok maybe not the latter.

Life at the Mytton is its usual fun self, having spent an hour watching over Tom’s children I felt a little bit like I was stuck in the middle of an episode of Outnumbered considering the insane bickering, (Outnumbered is a semi-improvised sitcom starring Claire Sweeney and Hugh Dennis about the home life of a family and their children).

Friday I went to see Miles Ahead, the “biopic” of Miles Davis written by, directed by and starring Don Cheadle… it is a very loose use of the term biopic but from the outset we are told we have an unreliable narrator. While some of the events depicted did happen (such as his beating by the Police outside a club, the back story with Frances) there is a huge fictional element where the film turns into a blaxtipolation movie in which a gun toating Miles and a reporter ascend a boxing match to record a stolen tape and the subsequent car chase and shoot out in which he shoots a recording agent. The sound track uses much of his music from each of his periods with material from On the Corner used in the car chase scenes. It is a good film and well worth checking out, but remember to take it all with a pinch of salt.

Yesterday I made my second visit this year to Jazz Club 90 and the band was the Millennium Eagle Jazz Band with a return for Baby Jools on the drums, a good gig which I will go into in a separate post. I must admit it lacks the atmosphere and cosiness of the Harp or Trumpet being house in a Social Club but at least it is a big room so there is room for everyone, however the way it is set up it is difficult to mingle with the others.

My ramblings elsewhere:

That’s more or less it for now.

And Finally
Two Old Ladies went for a tramp in the woods, he got away.


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