The Last Five

Taking a leaf from the community pool, I am going to have a look at the last 5 dvds/Blu-Rays I watched

So without much further ado, in reverse order:

5. Doctor Who: The Sensorites 

Here I did an unusual thing in that I went straghit to a special feature ahead of the story, the extra being a little piece called “Looking for Peter” and is a Who Do You Think You Are? style piece looking into the story’s writer. It is a lovely touching piece as virtually nothing was known about the man aside from him dying before fandom really started and a few interesting bits are uncovered about the man. What does going to an extra first say about me? That I like to look into the background of things I like, I have watched the Sensorites before so I suppose it helps inform my viewing abit. I rather like the story myself although it doesn’t have a good standing in fan opinion, I don’t think that makes me an iconoclast but it shows I stick to my guns rather bend to opinion.

4. The Man from UNCLE 

The recent film, not the TV series. It’s a nice easy going romp akin to the Roger Moore Bond films and as such a nice bit of escapism. I use to watch reruns of Man from UNCLE on BBC 2 as a child while having my tea, so I am imagine a bit of Nostalgia comes into play there.

3. Twin Peaks Series 1 Episode 2

Yup, that is the episode with the dream about the backwards talking dwarf. I was watching it as I intend to catch up with the show and refresh my memory for the arrival of the new series. What does this say about me? Well I like to be up to speed on things, this may have partially been prompted by the return of the X Files and realising I had forgotten huge chunks of the details.

2. Doctor Who: The Aztecs

Well, as with the Sensorites, I was watching this to write about it. This is a forerunner to me setting up a review site for films and music. What it says about me? I like to study and practice before I make ready.

1. The Avengers: Something Nasty in the Nursery

Watched this with mum and played spot the guest star as there are quite a few well known faces in the episode (Paul Eddington, Clive Dunn, Yootha Joyce, Patrick Newel,  Penelope Keith).


What this list shows is I am very fond of retro TV, why is a different matter. I will ponder on that, feel free to throw in your two cents…




2 thoughts on “The Last Five

  1. Now there are a few blasts from the past, although my past might go back a little more than yours. The Avengers – John Steed and Honor Blackman were the first and that was when I decided Patrick MacNee was my hero. in my young teenage years I even got a signed photo of him. I followed them all and now he is no longer amongst us. Then Twin Peaks and agent Dale Cooper: my son bought me the Dale Cooper Memoirs book for Christmas when it was running on TV, I still have it in the hobby room somewhere in the cellar. Loved the series, something completely different. As my dad always said, they don’t do them like that any more.


    • Twin Peaks was very much a precursor to the X Files in many ways. They repeated The Avengers at 6pm on a Tuesday in 1995 I think starting with the black and white Emma Peels until Channel 4 were told they weren’t allowed to show black and white shows at primetime, so they moved to the colour ones and showed every colour episode of the series save one. They repeated the remaining B/W episodes with Emma Peel around midnight on a Sunday. I never saw any Cathy Gale episodes until Contender started its VHS range to tie in with the godawful movie. I am more a Tara King guy as opposed to Emma Peel.


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