Going Solo

Solitude is the name of one of my favourite Duke Ellington compositions and it has been covered many, many times.

There was the late great Lady Day giving her haunting version of the song. Now I must admit it took me along time to “get” Billie Holiday,  as a younger man and teenager I didn’t like the timbre of her voice and possibly  due to her lifestory, I thought her way too depressing for a young optimistic chap embarking on life. Maybe it is in age thing with Billie Holiday, as you get older and life throws its punches, you begin to appreciate the pain and haunts in her voice. A voice of a woman who really had been through the wringer and it begins to relate to all those wrong decisions, bad break ups and shattered dreams. Funnily enough I hear a bit of Billie Holiday in the voices of Madelaine Peryoux and the late great Amy Winehouse, the latter perhaps an interesting parallel to look at considering their self destructive natures.


Though I think for female jazz singers the queen for me will always be Ella Fitzgerald


2 thoughts on “Going Solo

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