Let Me Entertain You

As previously mentioned I did have a bit of a shopping spree at HMV last week and here are my purchases


That is the complete Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Wars the Force Awakens on blu-ray (or in the case of the latter should it be Blu-Rey?), Star Wars being in a limited edition Dark Side sleeve (yes I know this uber high resolution sadness), as Kim the vendor said “It’s gotta be the Dark Side”. I also got Hunger Games Catching Fire Part two, though on DVD to match the other three. ST: TNG is probably my favourite of the Star Trek franchise and I will confess, I’ve never really been too taken with the original series or the other various spin offs, save perhaps DS9 which admittedly was rather dull to begin with but grew on me. Ha and this no doubt will suprise you but 7 of 9 from Voyager did nothing for me, even as a teenager.
Music wise I was a little more cultured:


We have there Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s bossa nova album which includes The Girl from Ipaniema, Dindi and How Insensitive amoungst the track listings. The Bill Evans Album by the pianist Bill Evans and is one of only two albums he recorded for Columbia records, though he did guest on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. The other is Jazz Impressions of Japan by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, an album I was convinced I already had but didn’t, it features a very successful single for him which was the Koto Song and his interpretation of the theme tune to the show Mr Broadway.

My current reading tome is the reissue of the Doctor Who novel Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole, originally published 2002 but written in late summer/autumn 2001 and has an alien terrorist cell attacking the Earth, I wonder what event possibly influenced the direction of the novel. As the title and description suggest, the book is best described as Starship Troopers meets Agatha Christie, the title being a nod to the infamous Christie book Ten Little Niggers which now referred to as And Then There Were None. It features the First Doctor, Polly and Ben but was pitched to feature the (then current Doctor) 8th Doctor and companions Fitz and Anji and frankly it shows. Part of the charm about the past Doctor ranges was that you read stories which captured the spirit of the era they were set in but went beyond what could be done on TV, authors would often use juxtaposition to illustrate ideas but here it feels like we have them crowbarred in. Perhaps the Christie aspect will reflect the Hartnell era better as the novel progresses, but if you were reassign to a different Doctor to the one originally intended I would say the fifth or sixth as it fit in with Saward’s vision for the show.

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