The Mark of the Sandman

“If you are bleeding look for a man with scars” -Sevateem Proverb

Depending on your definition of scars I either have one very small one or lots of them. If you think scars as the consequence of an injury I have one, a small one on my left leg from when I was stabbed in the leg by a broken bottle of tonic, now before anyone envisages my good self involved in a bar room brawl the truth is dull: there was a broken bottle in the bin and when emptying it it broke through the bag and stabbed me in the leg.

If you mean medical ones, my stomach and thighs are covered in what people might mistake for bruises, but they aren’t. They the consequences of the Psoriasis and Eczema medications I received as a child back in the 80s, they did the job but stained my skin. I don’t really mind them but at secondary school I was frequently asked by PE teachers and form tutors (due to concerned classmates) about the marks, it got quite annoying after a while.


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