Insert Clever Title

I don’t think I can recall any time that I have abandoned something or someone.

I’ve changed tracks as it were for various reasons, but that is a lot different to abandoning something.

I recall as a child there was a show called the Raggy Dolls which was about the adventures of a series of rejected dolls, who rejected because of imperfections like unmatching eyes, being knitted too tightly, falling apart or in one case for being French (no, really). I can’t recall much about it, no doubt you’d get some red neck screaming about forcing political correctness and liberalism on impressionable minds or some such rot if were a contemporary show; remember the fuss about one of the Teletubbies having a magic bag.

There is a lost episode of Doctor Who  called ‘The Abandoned  Planet’ which is an awesome title, judging by the soundtrack and script would have been  quite creepy, even if Bill Hartnell  magically vanishes half way through.


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