Room for One

Hope comes from there Chesterton, a very rare commodity in the world, hope.

The Doctor , Masters of Luxor. Unfilmed script.

When it all comes down to it, no matter how rationalising and planning, we all at some point put a little hope into something. There are plenty of things I hope for, successful job applications, relationships, my fuel will last to the petrol station etc.

The last thing I really hoped for was despite being late in the day I would find some accommodation for Upton Jazz Festival this year as I am into camping and I don’t own a caravan. The problem is that the accommodation tends to fill up almost straghit away, I guess with people rebooking after the end of the festival. This is something of a full circle as I am returning to the place I stayed at when I first went to Upton. I only have stayed in the town once and where I stayed wasn’t great so I went back to staying just out of town within walking distance. One year I was caught out as online it said my accommodation was 2.1 miles away which it was…. as the crow flies. The actual walking distance was 4.6 miles! So that was a lengthy hike every morning because my digs were on the Motorway service station. I did stay two years on the trot in a nice couples Summer House which was nice, but as it is a countryside dwelling  and the summer the farming industry was in full swing and being a summer house, I was woken dramatically  everymorning.

2 thoughts on “Room for One

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