Oh I do Like to be besides the Seaside

I’m more of a pool guy rather then a beach boy when it comes to holiday swimming.


That is me on the beach in Cuba being incredibly British drinking a pint of dark Mild from a dimpled handle glass while wearing a flat cap, that may sound a tad odd, but I was after the jutaxposition of the beauty of the Caribbean against the piss and vinegar of the old school working man’s ale. It was a rather windy day I recall and a German couple were kind enough to take the photo as I was travelling solo and thus had no one to take photos of myself.

I was staying in the Blau Costa Verde hotel on Play Pasquela which is in the Holguin province of the island and is a bit of a  more isolated and rural area meaning I was getting some much needed peace and quiet.


Here is the beach by the Market town of Guadalvaca, this was my second visit to the town as I had stayed in a hotel there a few years previously. It was a little busier, but not in the  way you might think a UK seaside market town would be. This was taken lounging from a beach bar with a fellow traveller called Dave, after we had been on a tour of the province and a few small villages. We only had a half hour  stopover so we literally a beer each and an ice cream, I believe the beer was Bucanninro.



This goes back nearly eight years to a holiday to the Isle of Margarita in December 2008, the only time to date I have been able to take a December based Holiday. This particular snap was taken when we did a day trip to the Isle of Cubagua which was pretty much a  small atole really, but had a reputation for excellent mud baths, this was a fun lazy day and it was nice to have some downtime being lazy bones sleeping in the sun.


And here we are even further back in 2007 on my first visit to Margarita, this photo was taken by Pete I think and was on a small rocky outcrop of the beach outside the hotel. Looking back at it now I can’t help but notice how skinny I was back then and I’m quite clearly attempting to  recreate Jaco Pastorius’ pose on the inlay to his only Columbia album.

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