That Was The Week That Was

Well the last week or so have been a very mullified affair with various ups and downs along the way. I’m typing here with the my personalised Spotify Discovery list playing a list based on the individuals listening choices and play list selections, currently Moonlight in Vermont by Antony Braxton which is lengthy take on the ballad clocking in at just over 15 minutes long.

I was informed by the Broom Cupboard Club on Facebook that last Thursday was national Willy Fog day, which for those of you unfamiliar with it was a cartoon series based on the works of Jules Verne. The first series was called Around the World with Willy Fog and was loosely based on 80 Days Around the World, very loosely as many character names were changed: Phillieas Fog became Willy Fog, Passporteau became Regadon etc and there were some great liberties taken with the narrative I recall. Oh yes and all the characters were anthromorphised animal characters, a not uncommon trend of the time as there was also Dogtanian and the Muskerhounds which was an equal childhood must watch for me. Now I’m going to be evil and put the theme tune to Willy Fog in your head for the next few days.

I do believe there were two more series of Willy Fog a fair few years later based on Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea respectively, but I didn’t watch those as I had probably out grown the set up by then. However it is interesting to note that they used the same characters which makes me think of a jokey comment I made after reading Verne’s three most famous books that all his main characters were kind of interchangeable. (Music Ida Lupino- Paul Bley Trio)

Good news on my weight-loss, I have lost a stone and a bit and now just under 13 and a half stone despite some bad deviations from the plan and knee issues preventing from doing all the exercise I wanted, though I had managed to keep with the dumbbells and it still amazes that 2 4kg weights are heavier they I think.

Life at the Mytton and Mermaid is still fun with Major Tom and myself on particularly good form with some quick fired one liners being banded around the bar. (Music: Take the A Train- City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra)

I visited Nan on Friday and she seems ok, though all these years I never realised it was Nan who followed the Snooker as opposed to Granddad, just proves you always find something new in someone you know.

Missy is doing some weird things, namely stalking stones. She’ll dig one up watch it and then knock it and grab it and repeat, now is this her hunting instinct kicking in or is she just weird? If you wondering, yes I did name Missy after the Master as played by Michelle Gomez, perhaps in there lies the root of the answer. (Music: I’m Hip- Blossom Dearie)

That’s all for now folks, be seeing you.


2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

    • It was a toss up between Missy and Bessie (after Bessie Smith), but having met her before we had her, it was quite clear she was Dr Who’s arch nemesis. I named my previous dog Lady Day… three guess if needed


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