Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos


Beautiful Chaos is the title of an original Doctor Who novel featuring the tenth Doctor,  Donna  Noble and her grandfather Wilf, played on screen by David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbens respectively. The book is a sequel of sorts to the 1977 story Masque of  Mandragora in that it has the same villian, which itself is something of an abstract threat. Now how does the story  hold up on various fronts? As a tie in novel with series it was released against, it fits in perfectly with the season although the problem with all the world spread apocalypse is that they seem ten a penny in that series. As with that season, outside the leads and a few guest characters the chatacterisation is a bit thin and nearer caricature. As a sequel to Masque of Mandragora, so-so. The villian is still way to abstract as to its plan and it lacks the atmosphere and cohesive structure to make it work as a story. The big subplot is Wilf’s squeeze who is in the early stages of dementia and while kudos to Gary Russell for making it a very realistic and personal story as we meet a character  whose personality is rapidly falling away and starts acting off. However I question the level of taste when the resolution involves the Doctor infecting the villian with Alzheimer’s, maybe it is me but I think is a disgraceful thing to do and it should not have been  passed by the editor. This seriously bought my opinion of the novel down and I was somewhat surprised to find it was reprinted as part of the 50th Anniversary range.





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