In the Still of the Night

Yes I am back again, you cannot keep a good Sandman down.
It is very warm and stuffy at the moment and I am not settling very well, even with the bedroom window open there is no wind movement. Since I misplaced Ten Little Aliens, which is finally beginning to pick up some pace, and don’t fancy watching a DVD or Blu-Ray here I am again. So what else has been happening in the world of the Sandman since last update? Not a huge amount.

The dating front has disappeared somewhat with the girl I had been talking to seemingly having disappeared off the dating site and not much opportunity elsewhere aside from a new like from what was clearly a too good to be true scenario. When a busty blonde twenty-two year old girl who makes her profile picture one of herself in a bikini tags you it is probably a spam account and I was quite right, the minute I returned the like I am offered her phone number so “we can talk more”, sorry miss but I am not falling for that one. So it looks as if there’ll be no hugs for the Sandman as it were for the foreseeable future.
I went to the Jazz Club today and it was very good, the band was Matt Palmer’s Rhythmic Reeds with Christine Tyrrel and as before I’ll write a separate gig report. I encountered a few familiar faces though not all I could put names too, one in particular noted I had grown a beard… I haven’t been clean shaven for nearly three and a half years now so it must have been a long while since I saw him. Mike popped in when discovered I had made it to the club so we had a good catch up, plus I chatted to a drummer called Steve whom I semi-knew, he recognised me whrn I went to see Whiplash. I had a brief chat with Matt Palmer who thought I was named Steve, ah well I’ve called woree: Weirdo, cretin, perve, Josh. All in all a good way to spend an afternoon and to make the reunion even better, the former Harp landlord Wink showed up at the end of the gig.

I called in at the Dart on the way back and had a catch up with various people, the lovely Alex was working so I had an update on how her Miss Black Country competition campaign is going. Seems to be going ok, I joked that after a week or so pushing her on my social media networks I cut back when a friend pointed out that it was beginning to look a bit obsessive and stalker like. It is true what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

I managed to smash the screen on my phone on Thursday which was really annoying as you can imagine, talking of which I think a new battery is needed as the juice is being supped up at an alarming rate.
I accidentally did a one click order for an Amazon firestick on Thursday and was totally unaware I had done it, so you can imagine my surprise when it arrived on Friday morning. I was expecting an Amazon package as I’d ordered a wad of stuff on Monday (two talking books and four of the reissued Target novelisations and the novelisation of Shada, the Douglas Adams scripted story which was abandoned half way through filming thanks to industrial action) and was expecting it to Shadow in the Glass. So after changing my passwords I phoned customer service and found out what had happened, no hacker just an error. So to stop this happening again I have logged out of the Amazon app on the phone.

It is still hot and sticky here and showing no signs of letting up, I have a feeling tonight is going to be rather restless.

Toodley-bye for now.


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