The Waistland


Regular readers of my posts will know doubt be aware that I have recently being engaged on a plan to loose weight and get myself into  better shape. The principal reason being I have piled on a bit of weight these last few years and got quite a tummy, not helped by the water retention side effects of some tablets I was taking. While the exercise plan was hindered by knee issues I must confess diet wise I haven’t exactly been consistent in my diet plans, but with summer just around the corner I do believe I can push a more salad and fruit based diet to help shift the weight.

Excercise wise I do at least three 20-30 minute sessions on the exercise bike a week and two ten minute lifting sessions with two 4kg dumbbells at least three  days a week which is aiding a lot. This weight loss programme is purely for me, it isn’t to impress a young lady or fit to a social norm, but so I feel more like my old self of about 5 years ago.



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