Canine & Company

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, well I am lucky enough to have had four.


This is Missy, the latest edition to the family. Doesn’t she look thrilled at being made to wear that jumper

Missy, she is 18 months now and a little batty (she hunts stones) but full of character.


Lady Day and Ben in a rare moment of harmony.

Lady was bought a few months after Vila died after it was decided we really missed having a dog. A few months later we decided to get her a friend and we got Ben. Lady was very small for her breed and as such Ben was practically the same size as her. Ben is quite big for the breed and quite strong, but he’s a big girl blouse really. Sadly Lady had a brain tumour and we had to have put to sleep, aged 6.


Vila, my first dog. Long gone but not forgotten.


I had Vila when I was twelve years old and he lived to the ripe old age of 13 and a half. This was pretty much the last photo I took of him which was taken a few months before he died and you can’t really tell how poorly he was.



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