Day Tripper


This little seaside town was the destination for a day trip with my lovely and divine looking best friend Katherine during the month of April last year. Despite being informed of bad weather it seemed that someone was smiling on us as the bulk of the day was blistering sunshine.

Now Southsea owes a little connection to the past for both of us, it was a frequent destination for my friend when she was a child and for me it brings back memories of visiting my friend Julie and her menagerie of animals. Had she still being living there I imagine we would have called in on her, but it was not to be.

We arrived quite early and had no problems with traffic, though paying for parking was a bloody nightmare, man I hate these pay by card over the phone set up. Anyway once sorted we made our way to the first Arcade which was home to the last Wimpy Bar in existence  (probably) and Katherine proved herself to be very proficient in the claw game. The one where you have to pick up a toy with a claw and drop it down a shoot, quite how she did it I don’t know, maybe she is telekinetic. The only thing I won was a mini Budda figure on the two pence machines, after a wander we decided to indulge in the fair. We started off on the Carousel and no, we didn’t burst into a spontaneous rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” or the random song from Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. We then went on the Dodgems only to discover that we weren’t allowed to hit anyone, that total takes the point of Dodgems away does it not? Hmmm. After that we went on the Waltzer which I enjoyed but the young lady did not, try as I might I wasn’t able to persuade Kat to go on the roller coaster.

After this we had a picnic which Kat had more then provided for with all sorts of interesting items on the menu. After filling our  bellies it was back to the arcades for more fun and frolics before a walk down the seafront and grabbing a coffee. We did decide to go for a paddle but the weather turned and we decided to head back to Reading. It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful lady.

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