The Sandman’s Q & A

Have you had a “high tea” or been to a tea party?

What is your guilty pleasure?

Jelly or sponge?

You can answer in the comments below or with a ping back. It be good to hear from you all.

Here are my answers

I haven’t been to a Tea Party unless you count the Mad Hatter Tea Parties at the Wonderland theme park in Telford when I was a nipper. To me ‘high tea’sounds like an English take on a Western.

I would say I don’t have a guilty pleasure as such, if it is a pleasure why feel guilty about it? But if you want an example I would probably say my love of retro-style pin up glamour exhibted by models such October DiVine. The flirty not dirty style posing, however I do find that the overly tattoed models do detract from the ethos. Then again it could be viewed as part of the charm as it contrasts the whole verisimilitude of the set up, as we are no ponger in the 1950s and shows the difference between the two time periods.

I’m more of a Sponge cake person. The texture of Jelly is off putting for me.


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