Missing from the Wall


Here’s a shot clip in response to the Daily Prompt from the classic 90s sitcom Father Ted. The episode it hails from is called “Speed 3” and was  conceived as how could they make a worse sequel to the movie Speed then it’s actual sequel… so let’s put Dougal on a Milk Float loaded with explosives, ot is one of the most iconic episodes of the series. The brick becomes the resolution in the episode and becomes a final slapstick joke.

It is quite clever that they use a brick as we often use the term a hitting  a brickwall for the artificial ending of a project or idea, I wonder if the writer’s had that in mind.

My home town was once renowned for its blue bricks, so called because of the abundance of the iron based ore ‘Blue Pig’, not because they actually were blue. If you walk about the Town Park you can still see the red stained soil in the streams and the relics of the industrial revolution, there is the hulk of an old stone crusher for example and the so called Strichley chimney which is a left over from the blast furnaces.

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