Bonus Q and A

Have you ever been in a play, amateur of rhatever?

Who is your fave playwright / dramatist?

Have you been to the theatre in the past five years?

Which is your favourite Shakespeare play?


2 thoughts on “Bonus Q and A

  1. Interesting questions, I’ve seen a few plays but they were mainly performed by high school students. I think the one play I’ve seen and quite enjoyed was a parody of Al Capone and Goldilocks. It was interesting because I couldn’t believe how similar those two characters ended up being. Other than that, I have never been in a play and the only Shakespearean plays I’ve seen and read are Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet.

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    • I’ve been in several plays (one of which my high school English teacher attended) when at college. I haven’t seen Shakespeare performed at a theatre to date, though I did see a sort of sequel to Romeo and Juliet

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