Sing Sing Sing

Sing for your supper and if your voice is like mine, you’ll go hungry

I will confess that the ability to sing anything remotely in tune is a talent which has so far alluded me and as such is not a hobby I have indulged in very often. Ok so there have been occasions where usually fuelled by alcohol, a lot of it, I have dared too venture onto the dreaded Karaoke stand.

A notable time would have been the last night on my 2008 yuletide holiday in Margarita after Levi, Pete and myself befriended a couple of Austrian girls named Isabella and Andrea. I ended up doing a couple of duets with Andrea which could hardly be described as Ella and Louis or Bing and Rosemary but it was fun. The photo below was taken by either Isabella or Levi and we were ‘singing’ Hey Jude, the prompter of which even had  “naa naa naa na na na naaaaa” written down just in case you forgot them.


The other attempt was last November when visiting Amy Cherry. Now Amy is very much into the Karaoke scene and I  thought it would be a good way to strengthen the bond between us as we had drifted somewhat over the previous 18 months. It was a fun night and Amy was clearly a much better singer then me, can’t remember what it was she sang aside from Babooshka by Kate Bush.



She always makes an effort in her dress when out for the evening and here she has dressed in gold trousers in case of a sudden attack of the Cybermen and she could guarantee her escape. I was dressed in my blue velvet jacket, waist coat, shirt and cravat so no doubt if such an attack were to happen I would be mistaken for another regeneration of a certain Timelord.

Here is a proper singer, Debbie Jones who fronts the West Midlands based Jazz and Blues Band Tipitina.

This was recorded at the Upton Jazz Festival in 2011 and I am somewhere in the audience.


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