The beat goes on…


Many things have been referred to as a saga and they are usually books, films or plays of ardous nature either for the protagonists in the work or for us following  them. Quite when something becomes a saga I never really understood  (nor when a saga becomes an epic) because I have heard Thomas Hardy’s last novel Jude the Obscure described as a saga. Well certainly it is an ordeal for thae,  reader, my word it is a turgid novel of our protagonists seem to spend a huge amount of time making themselves miserable. For me a saga would be a book like Eric the Viking with its continent crossing story to the frozen edges of the Earth, should I father a child that is one of the books I will be reading as a bedtime story. Another story I would call a saga or rather stories would be Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey and Virgil’s Aneid. The latter being the story which features the defeat of Troy due to the Trojan Horse, which a lot of  people believe to be the work of Homer, myself included. I think those would be a bit heavy for bedtime stories for my off spring but I would consider reading Donald Cotton’s novelisation of Dr Who: The Myth Makers, a book I guarantee is designed to be read out loud… there is also the added bonus that come sore throats I could stick on the audio book reading by Stephen Thorne complete with his “darkest Mumerset” voiced Odyssious and Charles Hawtry like Menalaous.



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