Week Ending

Sorry to disappoint but the sentimental Sandman has not gone to Timbuktu or gone on a retreat to find myself, I’m just clocking in a little late this week. Got this week’s Spotify Discover list on and it has kicked off with I Got Rhythm by Jimmy (brother of Tommy) Dorsey.
After work I had a quiet drink at the Cock Hotel where they had in a rather tasty ale by the Goff’s Brewery but the name of which totally escapes me at the moment before I went home and caught up with Grimm which is running towards the season finale and the episode laid the foundations for the two part season finale with Adelaine’s first born having a little of a Rosemary’s Baby vibe about her and result of a heavily controlled Mayoral election changing the dynamic at the police station. (Music: Love is the Sweetest Thing- Al Bowlly).

After a lazy early Tuesday afternoon writing a piece on the first season Doctor Who story The Sensorites, which I stopped about half way through as I couldn’t quite recall what the reason was that The Doctor and co go down to the Sense-Sphere in episode 3 was and as it changes the gear of the story a bit and would affect the rest of the article, I went down to the Mytton which was unusually Mikeless but I did manage to catch up with Major Tom who I have not seen for the best part of a month. It was quite nice to have a chat with out Mike forcing in his opinion on us every ten seconds, the impending referendum on the EU crept its way into the conversation and I will standby Tom’s statement (who is pro-leave) that make sure you vote either way as it so important to do so, go with your got because both sides are now coming up with huge amounts of scaremongering and confusing the issue.

A friend mentioned this week that it has been 20 years since the death of actor Jon Pertwee who was a veteran performer in the UK whose first big break was in the classic radio sitcom The Navy Lark which was a brilliant showcase for his vocal talents with him voicing many of the characters aside from his lead character of the conniving Chief Petty Officer, two of my favourites were the incomprehensible Commander Weatherby and Admiral “burbly” Burwasher who would constantly talk to himself about stuff and never knew where he was or what was going on. Pertwee made appearances in four of the Carry On movies, Disney’s One of Our Dinosaurs is missing (which judging by the casting was made in the great Chinese Actor drought of the 1970s) and the Amicus Horror movie the House that Dripped Blood where he was plays a washed up former horror veteran (probably based on Bela Lagousi who spent many of his latter years embittered by his status as a horror actor) who is now appearing in really lame horror movies and ends up being turned into a Vampire by Ingrid Pitt… well I guess if your going to go, that is a good way to go. Pertwee will of course always been most well known in the UK for being the Third Doctor Who and the walking talking scarecrow Worzel Gummage, the latter of which has rarely been repeated on regular TV or cable. This week marked the memorial of the passing of another Doctor Who legend, writer Robert Holmes, who passed away this week in 1986, I will do a separate post about him another time. (Music: Lush Life- Johnny Hartman). On the subject of people passing, on Tuesday Burt Kwock passed away aged 85, Kwock played Kato in the Pink Panther movies and played pretty much every Chinese character on UK Television in the 1960s and 70s (and in one case a Japanese solider in Tenko) and in later years had a recurring guest spot with comedian Harry Hill and had a long running role in sitcom Last of the Summer Wine (in which he played Entwhistle, an electrician from the far east… Hull), I am beginning to wonder if the Reaper is getting a deal on air miles this year.

I made a small Amazon order this week upon discovering that George Mann’s Ghosts of Karnak has been published and somehow slipped past me on my Twitter Feed, so I put in an order for it and ordered books five and six in Mark Hodder’s Burton & Swinburne series while putting in a pre-order for The Revenant Express by George Mann, the fifth novel in his Newbury and Hobbes series.

Long term readers of the Sandman may recognise the title of one of the books from these very pages (I borrowed the name as it was appropriate) and I don’t know if it is that clear in the picture but Ghosts of Karnak’s cover is has been designed to have the appearance of a well thumbed pulp novel of yesteryear.
I think a Mark Hodder marathon may well be in order as I am yet to read the fourth book in his range, having bought it as a hardback it didn’t lend itself to being carried around place to place as a casual read. I also bought Take Me to the Alley which is the latest album by jazz singer Gregory Porter and it looks as this time the album is full of Porter written or co-written originals. (Music: Minor Infestation- Gypsy Jazz Caravan)

Well I hope you all have a good weekend, be seeing you.

And Finally
I’m not a psychic, I wear too many Blazers


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