The Grand Order of Things


I used arrange things in an orderly fashion, growing up I would have a set order for videos and books. My Doctor Who videos would be filed by Doctor and by transmission order, my Blake’s 7 videos had it easy as they were numbered in series order, my Hitchcock movies were in (cinema) release order and so on. It was when I started buying the Avengers on Video as released by Contender Video it went out the window due to the way they were released. They didn’t do a volume 1 to whatever system, they did six videos with three Emma Peel episodes a piece to tie in with that God awful movie but then they did something more interesting. We had the Parallel Lines collection  which was six volumes of three episodes with each Avenger girl with a linking theme for each episode, doppelgangers, Nuclear war,  the undead etc. No doubt to combat the thought that the Cathy Gale and Tara King episodes wouldn’t sell as well as Emma Peel, the Cathy Gale shows being black and white and not as slickly made and Tara generally viewed as abit of a joke. I disagree there, I was very taken by Linda Thorson as Tara when watching reruns as a teenager.

Because of this I think my organisation is not as good as it was, but I do have a rhythm. My keys and wallet are always in a particular place to pick up on my way out, I have my desk in a certain way for my comfort and benefit but good luck trying to find a logic to my albums and DVD collection storage… ok mainly as I haven’t put time aside to reorder it….but I am a single man who lives alone so it isn’t a biggie.


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