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  1. Every country in the world has lost men and women in some kind of Armed Forces.  When does your country celebrate or morn their deaths? (Optional)  Here in the UK the main day is Armistice Day which is the 11th of November and marks the end of the Great War and is used to remember the fallen soldiers of all conflicts. There is a minute silence ar 11 am in respect which is normally broken by the playing of the Last Post. Poppies are worn in the lead up to the date which are sold by the British Legion and the money raised supports injured and retired Soldiers. On the nearest Sunday to the 11th there is a national  memorial service held at the Palace. We do mark VE, tge end of ww2 but that is more of a celebration of victory then a memorial of those fallen.
  1. What is your favorite holiday or holidays?  I don’t really have one if I am honest. Public Holidays to me are just another day at work. I suppose at a push I like New Year’s Eve.
  2. How do you celebrate that holiday? I don’t as I am normally at work, but there is a more relaxed air about it.

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