The Banner Man Syndrome


I wouldn’t say I am an overly angry person, though it is fair to say there are several things trying my patience at the moment though they could be resolved very soon without a single raised voice.

I am quite laid back and it is rare that I get so angry I got a bit like the Incredible Hulk, personally I prefer to try and talk it put or walk away from the situation whenever possible. Mind you as a teenager I was pretty much Bruce Banner and there were numerous occasions when I went full on angry green titan, again this was born out of frustration about various situations mostly at school, though there were plenty of spats at home with my sister. She had no real perception of boundaries with in the family, she was forever “borrowing” things of mine, moving them around or just sticking her nose in things which weren’t her business. To be fair she still hasn’t quite learned when to stick her nose out of things which aren’t her business despite some repremands from external sources. Funnily enough when the boot was on the other foot she went absolutely ape at me…


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