Flight Through Infinity

Lets kick off with some good news, there my well be some rudimentary romance on the horizon as all of a sudden my dating profile has become fairly active, which is nice. There is a Telford based girl by the name of Nikki (makes it nice and easy to remember eh?) who seems to share my sardonic sense of humour and certainly has similar interests in film as she recommended both Captain America Civil War and the Warcraft movie as worth seeing. I may propose a daytime date of lunch, a wonder around the gardens and the new X Men movie at some point next week. There are several new eateries on Southwater including Bella Italia, Zizzi’s, Pizza Express and an all you can eat Indian Buffet so we won’t be short of choice and both being Cineworld Unlimited Members we get discounts at most of those places.

The past two Monday nights at the Cock Hotel seemed to have attracted a Monday Night Cabaret with both nights having some rather entertaining late night arrivals in the bar. Last week there a duo of men from the Whitehouse hotel who had clearly being smoking, lets say herbal cigarettes, before entry to the pub and had literally come out with a small amount of change each. Clearly out of their usual environment they asked for two pints of Carling before Pete politely informed them that it wasn’t that type of pub and directed them to Rowton Starlight, a nice brew of relatively low abv. However they were about thirty pence short and being a good Samaritan (and nothing at all to do with getting rid of the surfeit of 5ps I had acquired) decided to step in and top up the bill. This Monday again just before last call a pair of somewhat inebriated females entered the pub with the intent of buying a bottle of prosecco to take out, being a no show on that front they settled on two bottles of Rose wine and a two glasses before they departed, the lad on the bar was concerned the brunette was expecting but I think it was just unflattering clothes. With that floor show gone I decided it was time for me to return to my humble abode and catch up with the Big Bang Theory and the Goldbergs’ series finale which I did wonder if it was the LAST episode as it did have a sort of air of closure about it with the daughter graduating, the youngest becoming a High Schooler and the middle son… being the middle son. Also add on the idea of the school time capsule I did get the feeling that it may have be written as a final episode just in case, good news is that the series has been renewed for a fourth series of amusing nostalgia and painfully embarrassing but accurate childhood memories.

Tuesday I caught up with the Tom and Mike but not as you might expect at the Mytton and Mermaid, that was the plan but a thing happened before I arrived. Namely inexperienced Bar Staff not knowing how to change barrels or gas so there was no Lager on, not a problem for me as I am an Ale drinker but an issue for them so they had gone off to the Horseshoes which I reluctantly decided to join them at. I say reluctantly as long term readers are all aware that there is a potential risk of an awkward situation arising there, this occasion it was avoided. Tom and Mike are their usual selves though Tom reminded me of why you should browse the internet looking for things to buy when in a pub, as Tom decided to purchase two St. Bernard puppies. Yes you did read that right, two puppies that were to be dropped off the next day at his home and there was much rumbling between the guys to get the cash together, I am fairly certain my social life is slowly becoming an episode of a sitcom. Service at the Shoe was incredibly slow and not because it was busy, mainly as the staff they had on were far too busy chatting away about something or other, come to that their choice of ale was rather uninspiring as well with the choices being Green King IPA or Marston’s Pedigree. Still I was there for the company rather then the beer, but being the end of May it is my last set of (alcoholic) beers until the start of the Upton Jazz Festival at the tail end of the month.

I bought the DVD of the Night Manager as I missed the show when it was broadcast and several people have recommended it to me, it is based on the John Le Carre novel of the same name but I understand there have been several substantial changes no doubt to make it more fitting to the television medium. I also noted that Doctor Who Magazine has reached its 500th issue and special set has been released with it donning a recreation of the first issues cover with Peter Capaldi in place of Tom Baker and a special magazine celebrating the various covers over the years (more then 500 as there has a fair number of issues with multiple cover choices). It is a fair achievement a high street magazine dedicated to one television show reaching 500 issues, even more impressive if you consider that for the best part of 16 years of the magazines’ existence the TV show wasn’t being made anymore. That void was filled by the commercial VHS releases, four series of original novels, Big Finish audio dramas and plenty of critical analysis of the show; the magazine is interesting as well because it showcases the changing face of Doctor Who fandom and believe me it has changed a lot.

Well that is all for now, happy weekend to you all.


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