Fair Game


One of the ways to write a villain and make him memorable is to write him or her as a playful character. When Roger Delgado played the Master in Doctor Who I felt one of the reasons for his success was that he had a playful charm about him, he’d set up calling cards for the Doctor and there would be humorous banter between the two characters. It helped sell the idea that the Doctor and the Master were friends once and I don’t think the playfulness of the character was bought back when the character was revived in the 80s and didn’t reappear until the last two series. Michelle Gomez has bought back the playful side of the Master, being a woman some see it as flirtation but I don’t. She is returning the fun aspect of the character, note the scene in The Witch’s Familiar where she explains the workings of a Dalek to Clara, she is clearly having great fun. The playful side also makes her evil edge all the more realistic, we know theach Master is a bad guy and it makes his/-her actions all the more real. She plays evilly with Osgood before killing her and bullies a subordinate to say something nice before killing him anyway, oh and who didn’t laugh when she poked Davros in the eye?

In terms of playful villians I created a character called Hannibal, whom is named after a Miles Davis track, I made him the ultimate playful villian and probably made him abit of a comic character rather than a three dimensional one in the process. I made him be a lover of games and fun fairs and thus his masterplan is to have our heroine travel through a deadly fun house playing a deadly game of “Secret Agent Movie”, a concept which you can probably figure out for yourselves no problem. Originally I was going to have the male lead be the game player and have the heroine be the hostage, but I thought it more fun to invert the roles.



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