G on a String

You have a gun with three bullets and are in a room with Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Robert Mugabee and Kenny G. What do you do?

Smooth is a  word I associate with the dreaded smooth Jazz, that foul admonition of souless instrumental pap set forth by Kenny G, David Koz,  Richard Elliott and Snake Davis. It is the nadir of what Jazz is by taking out the very lifeblood of the genre itself: challenging improvisations.

If Grover Washington Jr’s work was typical of the genre I’d be more tolerant of it as Washington aimed to mix jazz with contemporary R’n’B and was mostly successful and some of his work is far from smooth. Problem is his album Winelight was such  a success it spawned a host of imitations, no of which had the soul or quality of musicianship Grover had.

The Punchline

You shoot Kenny G three times, just to be sure.




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