Mellow Monday

After my shift on Saturday I  returned home I cast my mind back to Robert Holmes and Pyramids of on the DVD player and watched the documentary Serial Thrillers which is an overview of the Hinchcliff/Holmes seasons of Doctor Who from which Pyramids of Mars originates, it is fair to say that that particular era is regarded as one of the best of the series no doubt due to the excellent behind the scenes team and recognisable starting points for stories. I will admit that despite its reputation, Pyramids of Mars is not one of my favourite stories, something about it doesn’t sit with me and I have never been quite able to put my finger on why it doesn’t quite float my boat. There is plenty to admire with some stunning location and model work, some excellent guest performances (Bernard Archard and Gabriel Woolf particularly) and memorable visuals such as the Mummies stalking the poacher and the final sequences on the Martian Pyramid, but it just falls flat for me. Ah well even Bob Holmes and Hinchcliff couldn’t get it right all the time but for me their era has the least number of duff stories in it (Revenge of the Cybermen and The Android Invasion).

Grimm has come to the end of its fifth series and despite the series having a few parallels with a few series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel I feel this season is a brilliant return to form after a ropey fourth series which spent too much time treading water and ended up going to a rushed series finale. The two part finale was quite action packed and plenty of plotlines got wrapped up satisfactorily and it looks like series six has some promising areas for the show to develop, how is the relationship with Renard going to work now? Are they going to continue exploring the Rosemary’s Baby aspect of young Diana? Is Juliet going to return? How exactly are they going to explain a precinct of dead police officers?

I have restrained myself from any purchases what with Upton Jazz festival on the horizon and the renewal of my car insurance, besides I am well stocked up with books, films and music to keep myself entertained for ages. I might go and see Captain America tonight, amazingly I have managed to avoid any form of spoiler for the film so far and touchwood will continue to do so.


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