Watch the Birdie

Now many people have embarrassing photos and I am no exception but the one I am going to share with you is not how you might think an embarrassing photo would be.


This was  Christmas Day circa 2007 and I was working at the pub, the two young ladies  (Mouse and Sarah)  were waitressing that  day. Now why is this an embarrassing photo considering I have two pretty young ladies on my arm? First up, though while I insist my hands are just resting take a look at where, particularly on the blonde girl, my hands appear to be resting. Now take a look at my blazer, you’ll notice the bottom button is undone and my shirt is slightly untucked. Also my tie is off centre, now for some reason this became the photo used as  part of the staff photos.


4 thoughts on “Watch the Birdie

  1. Of course, being an almost 70 year old golden oldie with my experienced and trained eye I noticed all of that straight away :-). By the way do you ever listen to Jazz24, an app for a Canadian jazz programme. I quite like it and it is still free and looks like it will remain so as they managed to collect enough donations to keep it going.

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