The Haunted Fishtank

Monday was a relatively relaxed day with bills paid and a brief visit to a Tom and Mikeless Mytton and Mermaid, though I did engage in verbal intercourse with the lovely barmaid and she told me how she was looking forward to her Holiday in two weeks time and proving how much an attentive 30 something Sandman I have totally forgotten where it is she is going except it is somewhere sunny. So with the boys not present I departed and headed home before taking my Father to see Captain America Civil War, which was totally unspoilered for me which was nice. It is quite good though there seems to have been a huge amount of off screen backstory regarding Bucky between Winter Solider and Civil War. It was an enjoyable romp which could have been released as an Avengers movie as nearly all the Avengers were in it plus Ant-Man and Spiderman, Spiderman being treated more or less for comic relief. Interestingly enough the trailers seemed to imply a much different story then the one presented which is less about Cap rehabilitating Bucky and more them going on the run. Oddly enough a huge part of Winter Solider had Captain America on the run from the authorities as well, I wonder if this is going to be a recurring theme in Captain America movies.

Monday night I didn’t sleep too well because it was very hot and still so I (finally) finished reading Ten Little Aliens and finally managed to get to sleep about half past four, oddly I find if I wake up in the night/can’t sleep that if I sleep upside down as it were (feet up by the headboard and head at the bottom I soon nod off. Anyone have ideas?
Tuesday unsurprisingly I woke up rather late for reasons and had a brief chat with one the lady I mentioned last week, in short it ain’t going to happen, but oh well plenty of fish eh? Looks like the long game in regards to “Min” whom really is playing the long game, but you know what they say. I went down to the Mytton again to see the Boys and we had a good bit of a talk, if you were wondering the dogs did turn up. Once home I watched a movie I missed at the cinema called Crimson Peak, no it isn’t a splatter gore version of Twin Peaks, it is a sort of Victorian Ghost Story and in honesty it is more a chick flick then a creepy ghost story and totally fails to have any spooky atmosphere. The ghost aspect is in the background to a rather basic “drain the wife’s family money plot for a rejected financial project and there is a rather unsettling incestuous brother/sister set up going on as well. Ultimately for me Crimson Peak is a disappointing watch save for a brief cameo from Torchwood’s Burn Gorman.

I was talking to Zizzy about things and I happened to mention Amy along the way, possibly in an anecdote, but here’s an interesting thing Zizzy informed me about Amy: Apparently she’s the girl I have been secretly in love with for years. I did query this and she politely informed me I had said that, or at least words to that effect. Quickly changing the subject she queried me about Katherine, my best friend, who she had confused with the girl with the most beautiful eyes I have seen (and incredibly cute bum) Amelia. After a brief history of both lovely young ladies Zizzy looked at me and said “Nick, how is it you managed to attract the attentions of girls in their late teens?” Yeah, that doesn’t sound dodgy at all does it?

What am I going to do with my extended weekend? Cinema a lot I think, there’s a few films I want to see: Warcraft, X Men, and the Nice Guys being the obvious ones so I may do two on Sunday as there is no Jazz Club and it gets me out of my pit. I may invite “Min” to see the Conjuring 2 as she likes horror movies though this may take a bit of planning due to reasons hinted above.

I think I will retire with Ghosts of Karnack and a cup of Horlicks.

Bon Nuit


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