Fighting against the Tide

In all honesty, the biggest struggle I have had in the past few days is to find inspiration in the Daily Prompts.

Rebuild just made me think of the Six Million Dollar Man aka the Bionic Man, which I barely remember at all. Understanding was a little profound for a light easy day for myself and now here I am struggling to think of anything to say here.

One thing I  am not struggling with is reading Ghosts of Karnak by George Mann which is going along at a cracking little pace and quite engaging despite the simple prose. The way George Mann writes is reminiscent of “Uncle” Terrance Dicks, the stalwart of the Target novelisation range of the 70s/80s with a slight hint of Ian Marter thrown in for good measure. All of Mann’s Ghost books (not to mention Newbury and Hobbs) are crying out to be adapted for the screen; the Ghost being perfect for the Big Screen while I feel Newbury and Hobbs would benefit from a TV series and feature length specials. Failing that maybe the boys and gals at Big Finish could start an audio range, the team have proved themselves with their Doctor Who, The Avengers and Blake’s 7 ranges (there are others but I haven’t heard any of them so can’t comment) so I know they’d be in safe hands, plus Mann is well known to them.

With 112 pages read in one sitting I imagine it will be Mark Hodder’s books which accompany me to Upton  next week, though I may break from sci-fi and read Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Mark McShane and The Hog’s Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Croft before reading the the three Burton and Swinburne books I am behind on.

S’all for now.



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