G-G-Grenville, Fetch Your cloth

That was a line frequently spoken by the late great Ronnie Barker in Roy Clarke’s second most successful sitcom.

The sitcom is of course Open All Hours, a gentle comedy about a miserly shopkeeper named Arkwright and his wide eyed wet-behind-the-ears nephew Grenville, played by Ronnie Barker and David Jason respectively. This was the second time Barker and Jason had been in a sitcom together, before it was in Prison based sitcom Porridge where they both played inmates athe Slade Prison. In Porridge, Jason played an old man and was made up for the part and curiously enough in Open All Hours it was Barker who was aged up. Most of the plotlines in Open All Hours revolved around Arkwright trying to woo his neighbour Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and usually failing badly or him trying to extract as much money from his patrons as possible to very degrees of success.


There was a recent attempt at a revived series entitled Still Open All Hours in which Grenville has inherited the shop but it wasn’t as good as the original. Then again, very few sequel series are.

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