The Last Day

It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for. The Doctor, Logopolis by Christopher H Bidmead

The final stretch at the Kynnersley Arms has reached its conclusion and save for a few extra hours I have offered to help out with for various reasons I am no longer serving behind the bar at Leighton’s Premier Pub. The final week wasn’t too bad relatively calm service and no major surprises aside from both Mike and I being totally wrong about how much of a crowd we would get turning up for the England match on Thursday, I was convinced it would be extremely quite due to it being a week day and us being out in the sticks, Mike thought we’d be really busy: the reality was a happy medium. I would imagine town pubs would be heaving as people (men) clocked off early to watch the match, but on the downside I did read some trouble kicked off in various locations no doubt bought up by Wales scoring the first goal. I’m so glad I have no interested in football (I support West Bromwich Albion) as I would hate to be associated with the thuggish crowds, the game itself is no longer about the sport anymore anyway it is just about £££, a long cry from small boys in the park with jumpers for goal posts.

So what exciting news do I have? Well not exactly exciting but remember how I said I was possibly on the route to rudimentary romance a few entries ago? Well it looks like I am once again en route, albeit with a totally different young lady, on this occasion it is a rather lovely young lady by the name of Sian (that’s pronounced Sh-aan for my international readers), and no Zizzy this is not the newbie as I can hear your eyebrows raising even as I type, who is 27 and hails from Sale in Chesire not too far from Manchester. It is about the same distance from me as Irchester, so like with Philippa it will be long distance but not distant enough for it to become unworkable, she declares herself to be a hell of a geek being a big fan of the work of Joss Wheadon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer amongst others) and is all ready trying to persuade me into giving Firefly a watch. Ah, if it is good enough for Sheldon Cooper it is good enough for me don’t you think?

How is life at the Mytton? Well Tom and Mike are their usual selves and I could have been spared Olly asking me about feminine hygiene issues but other then that it is all fine and dandy. The Big Bang Theory reached its season finale here in Blighty and I must admit it was a rather subdued episode lacking any of the bite of previous season finales, but there was plenty to enjoy with Howard getting paranoid that the military are following him and want to disappear him for his invention (it was actually Leonard and Penny) and what I think was the first onscreen appearance by Leonard’s father. It’s been a mixed bag of a season with the early focus being the break up of the Shamy and it the subsequent resurrection of it and the latter half focusing on the new guidance system and Bernadette’s pregnancy but neither really driving the storyline. Is this the sign that the show is getting tired and perhaps needs a bit of a rest?

So with a new job and Upton on the Horizon I shall bid you farewell for this entry.

And Finally
“Change my dear, and not a moment too soon


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