Pick Myself Up

Just a brief one this week to bring everyone up to speed as being at Upton Jazz Festival for the weekend and changes in my work pattern mean there will (probably) not be another update until the end of next week.

Well I started my job at the Plume of Feathers on Monday and so far so good. Both Ryan and Michelle are good to work with, the systems in place are good and the lay out of the pub is good. It was somewhat surreal that virtually everyshift there was someone who recognised me from the Kyn or the Shoe. My first customer was Wal, whom I haven’t seen since Daron and Dawn took over the Horseshoes and my first dining table were semi-regulars at the Kynn. The bar crowd are cheeky but entertaining, the whole atmosphere has very much the sense of cosiness that was present in the Dart and the Shoe when it was at its best, an element lacking at the Kynn since the departure of Vicki, Louise, Clementine and Gareth. Of course, the hotel element is new so that is a learning curve, but other then that it plays right into my hands. We’ve had one miserable arsehole of a customer who was just plain rude, but that is the nature of the game. It is all on one level which is good as it allows disabled access though there are no disabled loos and despite a relatively large cubicle I’m not sure I would bring Sian as I don’t think she’d be able to get her wheelchair into the cubicle (well certainly not the electronic one, she may have a travel one).

Well, anyway I am typing this up here in the B and B just outside Upton after attending the prologue to the festival, the bed is comfy the temperature is comfortable and I have a gigantic pot of tea to consume. Good times.

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