Chasin’ the Trane

I think one moment of awe in my life I always remember was when I heard Blue Train for the first time.

I heard the title track of the legendary Jazz album on one of those “Best (insert genre) Album in the World Ever” type compilations which were popular around the turn of the century and although a misnomer the set contained a good selection although a little biased to more commercial records and a specific era (it lacked any Beiderbecke, Goodman, Miller and lacked any fusion, little swing and nothing overly recent). Anyway it was a good starting point especially if your interested swings towards Hard Bop, Bebop and a bit of swing (there was some post war Basie, Louis Jordan and George Melly).

Anyway it was towards the end of the second disc and when I heard it for the first time it blew my mind. The noir-like open bars created an instant mental image which was perfectly complimented by the beginning of Trane’s solo. To this day I have a scene for the end of a hardboiled Detective movie with our hero detective walking back into the darkness of the shadows, the camera pulling out until we just see the twinkling lights of a sitting and film going into the credits just as the solo hits….   All I need now is a script, a film crew and some actors eh?

Well  gave me my passion for Jazz and music and it wasn’t long before I went down to the music story and bought the full album.

So with out further a do, here is the track



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