Small Prophet, Quick Return

It was an ungodly hour, so why on Earth was someone hammering on the front door?

“I’m coming,” muttered Cooper as she tried to keep her modesty covered by her dressing down. As she closed in on the door she picked up a cane just in case it was trouble of the violent type; trouble was her business so she knew it would be a case of what sort. Cooper  unbolted the door and was nearly knocked over my the force of the man as he barged the door open. “Do come in won’t you?” Sneered Cooper.


“I am sorry, but it is urgent.” Said the man who was drenched with perspiration. “I would have come in the morning otherwise.”

“Let me guess, your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you.”


“Your wife/girlfriend has disappeared.”

“No, I’m a widower.”

Cooper swallowed hard, “sorry I didn’t-”

“It’s not important, but what I have to tell you is.” Said the man exasperated.

“My wife gave me a warning, a prophecy if you will, about an upcoming tragedy.”

“Take a seat…” said Cooper. “Wait a minute, you said you were a widower.”

“I am,” answered the man. “I’m doctor of spirituallaity and I run a small fortune booth down on Parker’s Road.”

“OK. ..” began Cooper beginning to regret letting him in.

The man interupted her, “look your life is in danger. There is a cult in the city who have a prophecy that on the site of midnight on Midsummer’s day that the gods will descend when a girl who was born on the strike of midnight on Midsummer’s Day is sacrificed on her 30 birthday. Donna your life is at risk.”

“So warns a snake oil salesman.”

“It’s true, these guys are crazy. You need to get away from here.”

“Well, anything is possible when you’re crazy.”

“You must believe me.”

“That’s what I meant about being crazy- I do believe you.” She gestured various clippings on the wall detailing a series of grisly murders. “Let me get dressed and I’ll be off.”

“I’ll take you to a safe place.”

“Thanks, but I can look after myself.”

“You will be-” the man cut off mid sentence causing Cooper to look back. A red dot had appeared in his forehead and a small trickle of blood ran down his face. He collapsed lifeless to the floor. Behind him stood three robed men, one brandishing a smoking gun.

“It is time woman.” Said one of the men.


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